Custom Made Inflatables

Welcome to the website of The Inflatable Company, the UK’s leading manufacturer and importer of inflatables.

We offer a wide range of custom made inflatables, helium supplies, hot air balloon advertising solutions and bouncy castles manufactured to spec.

We have provided bespoke inflatables for some of the biggest brands in Britain and are confident that whatever your needs our team can create and deliver the quality inflatables that you need.


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Inflatable street art new york

Inflatable Street Art In New York

We were delighted to come across this example of an innovative use of inflatables by Joshua Allen Harris… His artistic creations are not a world away from our job in designing and manufacturing custom inflatables for our customers!
Custom inflatable elephant

Inflatable animals from The Inflatable Company

A giant roof mounted inflatable animal grabs the attention of passers by and drives traffic at the local level. A compliment of larger than life brand representatives are put into a full service nationwide inflatable management program and stand ready to promote at will. A colossal inflatable mascot greets fans at the gate as they [...]